Yoga Instructor. Travel Expert.

Photographer. Will travel.

I've been around the world... a few times.  My camera is always in hand.  Photography is not just a job for me, it's my life. I think in pictures. Whether walking into a room or driving down the street, my mind is constantly sizing up the scene. The mundane things that are taken for granted are given significance when placed before my lens. Photography gives me the ability to share my perspective of the world and alter that reality. 

I love people! Nothing excites me more than getting to know new people and discovering what makes them tick. My camera is the perfect tool! In front of a camera is one of the most vulnerable places a person can be and my goal is to make it as comfortable and fun as possible. Photography is so much more than just taking a picture. It's telling a story, painting a picture, creating a character, capturing a feeling, producing memories and birthing emotions.

No one takes a picture of something they want to forget. I have the blessed opportunity of joining people for some of the most joyous occasions: Weddings, births, graduations, engagements, pregnancies, anniversaries and so much more. When I look through my pictures I see children grow before my eyes and couples evolve from dating to having their first child. Photography is humanities' stand against the current of time. It's how we put our stamp on the world that say's "I was here". I love being a part of that process... giving people a voice.

Interested in hiring me for a photography job, yoga session or trip? I would love to sit and have a cup of coffee with you. I look forward to hearing from you!

Shelley Patterson

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