Ryt 200

Yoga found me.

“We tend to avoid the things we need most.”

My first experience with yoga was a DVD that I practiced with for most of high school. I remember my first forward fold and my spine decompressing vertebra by vertebra. It was glorious! Once I hit college, I didn’t practice much. I was running from some severe childhood trauma that I didn’t know how to process. I tried many unhealthy ways of coping over the years. Every now and then I would pull out that DVD and feel like I was home again.

Yoga kept finding me.

Friends, family, colleagues and strangers invited me to classes. I always had some reason I couldn’t participate. Finally, in my most broken state, I wandered into a studio. I took a heated power vinyasa class. I cried in savasana. In fact I cried in savasana every practice for over a year. My heart was healing with the help of space, breath and my body. At the end of that year I finished my RYT 200.

Private Sessions $45 per hour Group Sessions $150 per hour (max 10)